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Our copyright policy:

The content on this Web site, aside from direct quotations from the Bible, of course, is owned, originated and copyrighted by George Konig and Ray Konig, who are the authors of the material and the owners of this Web site. All rights reserved.

We allow anyone to freely print out and make paper copies of our content for the purposes of personal research, Bible studies, prison ministries, and as Evangelism tools, if no fee is charged and if our Web site address and copyright information are provided (Example: Copyright If you would like us to consider exceptions, please email us at

We do not allow other Web sites to post our material online in any form. We do not allow anyone to post or display our material on Web sites or Web pages in any form. If you would like us to consider making an exception, please email us at

Our copyright policy is based on the hope that our material can be used to help people learn more about Jesus, while preventing others from using our material for monetary profit or from abusing our material in a way that could promote false teachings. We base this policy on our many years of experience. If you have any questions, please email us at your convenience at, and we will try to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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